Telehealth Solutions

ADROITENT enables hospitals, health systems and those involved in providing health care services to improve care delivery and education through its comprehensive Telehealth Solutions. Our objective is not only to facilitate diagnostic and monitoring services, but also enable consumer and professional education.

ADROITENT's Telehealth solution encompasses


Asynchronous (recorded mode of communication and consultation) and Synchronous (Audio/Visual/ Chat based communication and consultation in real-time)

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) by collecting data, deploying central monitoring applications and integrating with EHR applications

mHealth solutions that enable use of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other personal consumer digital devices, including a plethora of off-the-shelf-wearable gadgets such as fit-bit, apple watch, jawbone, etc.

BI and Analytics applications with data aggregation from remote medical devices, building a central data repository and data normalization. By integrating with your EHR applications, and providing various data models and visualization tools, we will work with you to provide predictive insights, improve the clinical decision making and enhance care delivery.