From Thoughts to Accomplishment

We are a diverse group of self-motivated engineers determined to succeed, through the individual strengths each one of us brings to the table.

We are focused on core product development.

We have the deep technological expertise, proven track record and unique methodology to build products successfully.

Within the boundaries of your budget

Our team of technical experts help you choose from a latest & wide range of open source and commercial technologies to fit within the boundaries of your budget.

IP Protection

We are a “security first” company. Our IP protection policy ensures your idea and code is totally protected.

Design thinking

We use design thinking to translate your business requirements into elegantly simple and inherently usable products.

We are Agile

We understand how requirements change in the product world and we are agile to adapt to fast moving changes. We have lots of experience working on high velocity projects. This helps smartups to start seeing their idea transform into existence through short and smart sprint cycles.

Flexible FTE model

We setup dedicated and highly flexible teams for each of our customers, where they pay for FTE and not resources. We bring in the right people participating at the right time of the project, depending on their roles and expertise.

Startup Culture

We think with you, innovate with you, we are not just coders... We are a team that understands your business needs without requiring long, detailed specification documents. As a result, our developers are able to understand your needs through brief and quick communication.

You have a great idea?

Talk to one of our experts, reach us at or call us at +1-609-375-2489