Health Insurance Exchange

ADROIENT’s technology services for Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) solutions include design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of HIX applications with functionality to support - Administrative tools to manage members (enrollment, billing, customer service, reconciliation, etc.). Sales tools for attracting, acquiring, cross-selling, renewing and retaining customers: Integration capability for third-party health plans; and Analytics for better financial management, plans and customer service. By utilizing our experience in building full suite of eligibility and exchange applications, you can meet the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

ADROITENT’s experience spans across all industry leading technology and tools such as IBM, Curam, Microsoft, Java, OpenSource, Mobile, Big Data, Cloud, etc.

Whether you are tasked to develop and run a private exchange, or providing technology products and solutions for HIX, or a health plan looking to integrate and work with insurance exchanges, you will be well-served by ADROITENT with appropriate technology talent and skills to run your projects on time, on budget and world-class quality.


To learn more about our HIX technology services or to talk to one of our experts reach us at or call us at +1-609-375-2489