Health Analytics

ADROITENT technology services for health analytics solutions in Provider sector adopts a tiered structure based on the maturity level of the customer organization. Beginning with establishing an enterprise data warehouse, our approach to providing a full analytics solution involves - enabling internal & external reporting (including federal / state driven regulatory requirements); decision making from clinical to administrative to executive level management; population health management & predictive analytics, while facilitating clinical risk management and evidence based treatments to individual / patient-level analytics based prescriptive treatment.

ADROITENT enables Health Plans to analyze member information to not only address the new benefit mandates such as Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) and population shifts, but also stratify populations with risk categorization and future cost implications, identify evidence-based gaps in care, predict future risk / costs, compare industry benchmarks, real-time provider network management, recognize and reward care value and member engagement. Data such as a member’s health status, the value delivered through networks, and the performance of clinical management programs helps everyone deliver the best care possible. Access and evaluation of clinical information helps identify trends in utilization, disease prevalence, and their related costs.

ADROITENT provides a comprehensive set of services to address the pharmaceutical sector’s quest for harnessing and leveraging the volumes of data available in the connected world. By using clinical-trials data and direct patient / consumer prescription data obtained through industry process such as a ‘matchback’, ADROITENT offers technology services that develop health analytics solutions that help pharmaceutical companies to boost drug development, facilitate effective therapies, targeted marketing, etc.

ADROITENT’s technology expertise spans all enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence systems, Big Data, visualization tools, device formats. Some of them include - Oracle / SQL Server / DB2 /Informatica / BO / BIRT / Actuate / Pentaho / Hadoop / Couchbase / Tableau / QlikView / etc.).

Whether you are tasked to develop and deploy analytics applciations, or providing technology products and solutions for health analytics, or a healthcare consultant providing advice on strategizing or implementing a healthcare analytics solution, you will be well-served by ADROITENT with appropriate technology talent and skills to run your projects on time, on budget and world-class quality.

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