The current rage in healthcare sector – ‘population health’

HIMSS15 (largest health IT event in the industry) was held between Apr12 – 16, 2015 in Chicago, McCormick Place. The attendees to this event were healthcare professionals, clinicians and executives from around the world. The event was held to discover new ways to advance innovation in the healthcare sector in order to improve the outcome. Anyone who attended the event or followed the conversation can tell that population health is the next big thing. Every attendee was emphasizing population health in one form or another. However, the definition of population health is subjective.
The question on population health was posted to a hospital CEO and some technology vendors. Everyone had their own view on what population health is.
Summarizing all the definitions given, denotes population health as effectively managing the health needs of a defined group’s entire lifespan. This can be done by coordinating modern technologies to identify, prevent or effectively treat and manage chronic illness. Only impactful way of doing this would be without compromising on the standards of care.

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