Assessing Mental Health with Mobile

Mental Health issue is a growing concern in U.S. According to an estimate, around 20% of adults are affected by some sort of mental illness. But what if your phone which you carry everywhere could help you discreetly monitor things like depression, anxiety insomnia.
Most of the times suffering person do not know whether he is clinically depressed or not. Symptomatic test are available on mobile applications that let you find out if it is time to call a therapist or not. After answered set of questions , a score is generated which you can consult with your therapist. For insomnia patients apps can provide guided meditation , a sleep record or relaxation activity and tools to plan new sleep habits
The mobile applications are also able to work behind the scenes to gather information about the movements, call data ,text message patterns even motion data from accelerometer. When significant deviations occur, an alert is sent to person and care provider.

Source : Huffington Post