mHealth – its effective application in chronic disease management

A survey was conducted by Telcare that revealed the role mHealth plays in chronic disease management.
mHealth is the application of mobiles to practice medicine and public health. mHealth application in the healthcare industry gives rise to a wide range of advantages for both the patients as well as the healthcare providers.
The poll was conducted among more than 2500 patients. It was revealed that majority of the patients were un-aware of the long-term effects of diabetes on the health of the patients. Another striking fact that was revealed in the survey was that majority of the respondents were not aware that United States spends more than $245 billion on diabetes related care. The survey indicated the knowledge gap that general public and people suffering from diabetes had.
To bridge the knowledge gap a system needs to be developed that provides meaningful data that providers can use for a better health management.
Patients prefer to rely on mHealth whether it is developing a new chronic disease management regimen by the healthcare providers or managing the disease themselves.

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