How Internet of Things can be used for better population health management

Internet has found its way in the healthcare Industry. Healthcare providers are now looking for better health management solutions which has led to their dependency on wearables, smartphones, tablets and home monitoring devices. Healthcare organizations are looking for better, more efficient and impactful ways to keep their patients healthier and happier. Following are the ways in which the healthcare organizations use Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance their population health management capabilities:
  • Observing the growth of the wearable
The use of mobile technologies in the healthcare industry has risen over the past few years. Healthcare providers must constantly watch the latest trends in the wearable technology market to effectively use them in their organization for better outcomes.
  • Improving home monitoring of chronic diseases
Healthcare providers can use IoT for home monitoring of chronic diseases.  This will ensure that the healthcare providers can make their presence felt in daily lives of the patients.
  • Filling the EHR gaps using patient-generated health data
The patient generated health data collected by the IoT can fill in the gaps in EHR. The data captured by the wearable devices can fill in the data that is otherwise missed out in EHR.
  • Using Social media for predictive analysis
From identifying sleep disorders to understanding the adverse effects of drugs, patients can provide valuable health information through social media. This data can be used by the healthcare providers to cater to the health needs of the patients.
  • Improving device integration for better patient safety
The patient generated data must be collected quickly and presented in an efficient way. This data could be used by the healthcare providers for decision making that can lead to better patient management.
This shows how IoT can prove to be a vital factor to improve patient management that results in
more happier and healthier patients.

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