How HIE’s are becoming essential to clinicians


As there is a pressing need for interoperability, the HIE’s are coming to the aid of the clinicians to help in avoiding productivity-sapping phone calls and faxes while meeting the requirements of the ever talked about meaningful use requirements.

What calls for the need of HIE’s?
• When EHR integration is not present
• When responding to business pressures such as accountable care has to be essential
• When streamlining the workflow
• When integrating the Healthcare Enterprise’s EHR-to-EHR integration
• When Direct secure messaging connectivity built into meaningful use-compliant EHR software

HIE’s connects a wide range of hospitals, clinics and physician practices. An example of this is the Keystone Health Information Exchange that connects 20 hospitals, 239 physician practices, and 30 home health locations primarily located in 31 counties in central, northern, and northeastern Pennsylvania, as well as 69 long-term care facilities spread throughout the state.

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