Five obstacles to population health management

Five obstacles to population health management

Here are five big obstacles to population health management:
1. Lack of compliance by clinicians

Although many leading health networks have initiated evidence-based pathways, protocols and decisions tree outlining, how they want physicians and nurses to treat patients. Compliance with these rules by clinicians in the real world remains challenging.

2. Little clinical care coordination for patients

As numerous and various technologies coming to market, poor adherence stays, and it leads to massive overutilization of the system.

3. Cost & Time

The emerging practice, something of a precursor to the move from predictive to prescriptive analytics, requires providers taking a deep look at their data to pinpoint patient populations that consume large percentage and costs of care, then select the ways to bring and impact and change to those population subsets.

4. Excessive data

While it might seem the more information the better, the industry is being threatened by excessive data. The big possibility for improving care and lowering costs is to sum claims data with EHR and other systems and running analytics against them.

5. Less patient engagement

Providers need to learn better how to engage their patients because it is the key to excellent outcomes, reducing overutilization and ultimately slashing costs.

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