Patient Engagement through Smartphones

Patient engagement approaches are essential for healthcare providers who are looking to reach the latest objectives of the meaningful use requirements. Although the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs focus mainly on patient portal adoption and usage, mobile health applications can play a necessary role in engaging patients in their overall wellness and care.
The utilization of mobile phone applications in the healthcare environment is at the initial stages of deployment. The mobile health tools can be useful in managing patients with chronic diseases.
Mobile health strategies can better engage patients who live in poorer communities and are harder to reach. The text messaging, and Internet-based applications can target the health of patients who have previously been underserved with healthcare services.
Due to its low cost of implementation, text messaging may be a viable option for generating greater patient engagement with preventive care services and wellness activities like diet and exercise.
When it came to some natural barriers to mobile health implementation. The lack of external funding, limited technical resources, and insufficient integration of mobile health tools with EHRs and health IT systems were all leading to lower rates of mHealth adoption.

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