Big data used to study drug-dependent new borns disorder

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An increasing number of babies are born addicted to opioids and need intensive care according to the study done by Baylor research.They analyzed MEDNAX Clinical data Warehouse statistics from 299 neonatal intensive care unit.
The illness is termed “neonatal abstinence syndrome” NAS, is a drug withdrawal syndrome that mostly happens after in-utero exposure to opioids
It can result in seizures, respiratory complications, difficulty feeding and low birth weights in affected neonates.
By applying Analytics techniques, the researchers was able to determine that between 2004 and 2013 the rate of NICU admission for NAS almost increased fourfold. The researchers also found that the length of hospitalization increased by more than 40%.
Medication is problematic in the case of NAS because of the limited research about the most reliable way to care for the infants.

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