Big Data benefits for Accountable Care Organizations(ACOs)

big data benefits
The right Health IT technologies along with accountable care organizations(ACOs) development can play a pivotal role in improving patient outcomes. Right now, more attention is given to preventing diseases and maintaining wellness among a set group of patient.
The digitized patient data is accessible through EHR systems. As a result physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals would be able to exchange information quickly and efficiently across an ACO care team. The up-to-date, useful exchange of big data in the healthcare industry is essential to enhance patient health and blend new models of care including ACO development.
Standardized big data is one of the major endeavors in the healthcare industry. As data come in many forms from the images of CT scans, MRI, or physicians notes in EHR. Standardization is also challenging due to a variety of stakeholders collects data like providers, payers, federal agencies, disease management companies and patient themselves.
Predictive Analytics uses big data to improve patient health outcomes. The results can help to target particular patients and finds new ways to keep patients healthier and to lower the healthcare costs. These all are essential for the mission of ACO development projects

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