Better Communication and Data Analytics – The need for your health IT clients for Population Health Management

A survey was conducted by PerfectServe between February 12th to march 6th, 2015 among 955 medical professionals, to understand what population health management is and the impact it can have on the well-being of the patient population.
The information collected in the survey can be used by the IT solutions providers who work on mHealth tools, population management software and data analytics.
The results of the survey emphasized on the importance of collaboration in achieving better population health management. This was elucidated by the respondents who agreed that collaboration can lead to reduced readmissions and overcoming the communication barriers to achieve important healthcare goals.
90% of the respondents were of the opinion that data analytics can be used for population health management. Also, it was realized how important mobile health communication can be in making population health management more effective.

The results of the survey could be summed up based on the weightage the respondents gave to each of the factors they thought were instrumental in achieving population health management:

  • Better communication with the patients (98 percent)
  • Collaboration throughout the medical organization (97 percent)
  • Investment in data analytics (87 percent)

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