Big Data Consulting

Today’s business organizations are collecting vast amounts of data – varying in structure, complexity and size. However one thing all these organizations are discovering is that a wealth of strategic value that lies in this data is difficult to extract using traditional relational database management tools. Thankfully, in about the same time, several data-management tools have emerged loosely termed as “big data tools”.

Besides strong technical competency, using big data tools requires a fundamental shift in how organizations view their data, its structure, usage scenarios and the roles & responsibilities of the IT and user organizations.

ADROITENT’s Big Data practice assists our clients in both strategic upstream activities such as evaluating and developing big data road-map to implementation and support of large environments.


ADROITENT offers a range of Big Data consulting & implementation services to develop your big data solutions. With a team of big-data architects, data scientists, PMs and consultants, we offer a balanced mix of strategy, design and implementation expertise.

Below are some of the technologies our Big Data practice works with:

Programming Languages

Java, Python, Scala, Javascript (client-side as well as NodeJS)

Distributed File Systems

Apache Hadoop

Key/Value Data Stores

Apache Accumulo, BerkleyDB, MemcachedDB, Redis

Column-oriented Data Stores

Apache Hbase, Apache Cassandra, Amazon Redshift

Document-oriented Data Stores

MongoDB, CouchDB, Riak, RethinkDB

Graph-oriented Data Stores

Apache Giraph, Neo4J, Blueprints, OrientDB, GraphX

Relational Data Stores

Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, Aurora, MariaDB, Greenplum, Teradata, BlinkDB

Search Platforms

Apache Solr, Elastic Search, GSA

Text Processing

Apache Tika, Apache Stanbol

In-memory/Realtime Processing

Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis, AWS Firehose

Statistics, Visualization

R Shiny, Gnuplot, Tableau, QlikView, Power BI, D3JS, Leaflet (maps)

Cloud Platforms

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, OpenStack