Industry experience has shown that Banking and Financial Services sector enjoys triple digit ROI’s in the first year of operations, when RPA solutions are implemented. In their quest for digital transformation, banking organizations and other financial institutions have established themselves as the early adopters of smart technologies. Intelligent software is already making a difference in front-end, customer facing systems. However, organizations still need to strike a better balance between the front and the back office, while becoming faster and more reliable.

With RPA, operations get streamlined and relieve some of the accumulated heat, while delivering more consistent services to the customer. Adroitent RPA Solutions provide process efficiency and lowers costs while ensuring regulatory compliance and deeper analytical insight. RPA Implementation with Adroitent is faster and competitively less expensive than IT automation projects.

Adroitent RPA solutions can be applied across all critical complex and repetitive functions such as Retail Credit Assessment, Retail Fraud Prevention. Gathering and monitoring the information needed for fraud detection is a laborious process for employees if done manually. RPA software robots reduce the employee involvement needed, by tracking bank account and credit card activity in real-time. By identifying data patterns, RPA can assess customer risk and predict fraudulent activity.

Imagine having a robot join a compliance office as a virtual member of the staff, and charged with all repetitive compliance tasks. It’s possible, and it’s already happening. All of this, while freeing up real staff to focus on compliance responsibilities requiring reasoning and judgment. Every activity of every software robot process is saved in a central log where it can be monitored regularly, easily accessed in the event of audits, and updated to reflect changes in regulations. This is the answer to the KYC requirements that the FMA, FCA, and SEC are beating down your doors for. A central repository archives all the logs and can be easily mined by ElasticSearch for compliance reports, resolutions, audit responses and compliance improvements.

Our RPS Solutions finance workflows can be replicated or reused across different business departments locations for ease of scalability. Active robots can be scaled up or down as needed with no additional cost. Multiple users working autonomously and privately from any business unit, no matter the geography. Our uniquely scalable solution also allows you to place multiple robots on a single virtual machine. RPA is all about doing more with your investment.