Best Practices

Adroitent has a lot of experience in executing large enterprise application on Agile, especially in distributed and extremely distributed environments.

Based on our experience, we have identified a list of best practices that will help implementing Agile in distributed environments.

  • When a distributed team is first formed, organize a fun team-building event or training session (if the team is new to Agile). Try to bring the full team, or at least as many people as possible, to a single location.
  • Use electronic community to encourage maximum collaboration.
    1. High network bandwidth to allow video conferencing or desktop sharing
    2. Ability to record and share all discussions (video and conference calls) easily
    3. Digital camera to capture and share whiteboard discussions
    4. Access to collaboration tools such as instant messaging, Skype, Google+, etc.
    5. Access to Agile project management tools such as Rally, Version One, Mingle, etc., to help with managing electronic task boards, easy task status updates, and quick reporting
    6. Access to online live discussion forum-type tools where real-time exchange of dialogue is easy to post, view, and edit