Traditional Outsourced development models work well in an environment with known requirements, adherence to the plan, clear documentation & usage of Processes and tools.

However with Agile development Model which is rooted in iterative development have

  • Increased project transparency and visibility, quick response to changes in requirements
  • Frequent testing identifies potential issuesto reduce risk and overall costs
  • Collaboration within globally distributed teams , ensures Daily interactions

ADROITENT has extensive experience in delivering projects based on Agile methodologies which provides accelerated software delivery with guaranteed lower costs, greater productivity and fewer defects.

ADROITENT’s Agile Methodology is based on the Scrum model of Agile and hasseparatemodels for Development, Maintenance and Testing Projects.

Our proven Agile Distributed Delivery Model has the ability to leverage an agile development approach to specifically address the needs of distributed teams that span across time zones. A global economy requires alignment in people, process, practices, toolsand also requires that we have an ability to work effectively at scale and across geographies. By utilizing multiple aspects of Lean and Agile approaches, we can create a hybrid, custom tailor-made model that enables value for Clients.

This model helps in mitigating the risks arising due to distributed teams and meet our delivery commitments at significantly lower costs.