Adroitent’s RPA solutions create robotic tasks out of human job responsibilities in healthcare provider organizations.

Adroitent’s RPA software solution mimics work done by humans, but operates in the background, completely invisible to patients. For instance, it performs clinical-related tasks, such as using outputs from health monitoring devices to update electronic health records. It can also replicate the work that a claims agent performs by moving from one application to the next, gathering and making decisions based on the data accumulated. We can automate any type of routine, rule-based work to be performed by a robot to mimic the interaction with systems, applications and data (and sometimes even people) in the same manner as a human.

On the revenue cycle we can enable connecting with insurance companies, addressing updates to provider information, and clearing a patient financially for a procedure. This is a routine and time- consuming task that can be eliminated of any human involvement and reduce time-for-approvals and human costs associated.

Through RPA we could have the software robot read though thousands of medical records, look for missing information, then obtain the missing data from another system without getting bored, tired or making any mistakes. Furthermore, the software robot can work 24/7, perform the work faster, and complete this mind-numbing work for less than the human cost of payroll.

This would enable redeploying your precious human resources to higher-value activities. Our RPA solution allows clinical staff to avoid mundane data entry tasks, and spend more time with patients. In addition to effecting morale and talent retention positively across the organization, you can allow your employees focus on high-value-added tasks that require thinking, creativity, human touch and sophisticated judgment.

Adroitent RPA solution assures a reduction in basic medical errors, and the potential for avoiding patient harm, even when transferring a patient from one health system to another.

Adroitent RPA solutions deliver quality improvements, significant cost savings in addition to the staffing efficiencies and avoiding errors, corrections and rework.