Hospital readmissions can drop with remote monitoring

Hospital Readmission
Remote monitoring tools have been creating a major impact on the healthcare industry in recent time. A remote monitoring program was found to reduce hospital admission rates and mortality rates among heart failure patients.
The remote monitoring tools were able to prevent hospitalization for up to 90 days and delay mortality for 120 days after hospital discharge.
The rates of both hospitalization and mortality decreased significantly among heart failure patients with the implementation of remote monitoring tools and education resources.
Informing and educating patients about this disease and its progression may help them better identify serious symptoms and report it earlier to their physicians as compared to patients who did not receive care through remote monitoring tools.
This could prove useful in ensuring patients remain healthy once they leave the facility. New technologies continue to revolutionize the medical sector and lead to quality improvements in care. Telemedicine and remote monitoring tools could play a large role in affecting patient health outcomes for years to come.

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